Beautiful Prayers Singing

Undoubtedly, we are facing tremendous change in the world today as we gravitate towards a new way of being.  Many of us are distracted from our inner world by life demands and habits, yet it is more necessary than ever that we pause to observe what is arising in us to shine love and compassion on what we find, starting from the inside out. SoundSeva offers an opportunity to re-connect, trust and surrender to your innate wisdom and potential for positive change. To choose love in every circumstance, thus create healing and harmony for self, family, community and environment. 

1:1 sessions and group events include guided journeys, sound baths, healing and gentle plant spirit ceremonies.

Ceremonies are run as circles that represent the cycles of nature, community and oneness.

You are welcome whatever your experience. Potential collaborators are also invited to get in touch.

“Ultimately everything depends on the quality of the individual.”

C.G. Jung ~ The Undiscovered Self


Reconnect ~ Trust ~ Surrender


Are you in need of restorative relaxation or healing?

Come along to an upcoming event or for an individual session. Check out the following slides for more information.  


Are you planning an event and thinking of including a ceremony or individual treatments? 

SoundSeva has guested at Shamanic Retreats, Hen Dos, Team Away Days and Charity Events.


Are you looking to collaborate?

SoundSeva is open to complementing gifts and talents to offer meaningful events. 

Previous collaborations have included well-being centres, teachers and therapists across disciplines, including Forest School, Yoga, Osho Meditation and Pilates teachers.  Also, shamanic and Kambo practitioners and artists.

All ideas welcome! Check out the following slides and make CONTACT if your creative vision is sparked!


Reconnect ~ Trust ~ Surrender



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Beautiful Prayers Singing

Jasvindar established SoundSeva in 2017.  She was introduced to yoga and meditation in the 80’s and an awakening in 1991 triggered her healing path. From the mid-90's to early noughties, she held meditation circles and taught self-help in Leicester, pioneering a complementary therapy service in a mental health provision in 2000. Her dance with ceremonial Cacao (raw chocolate) began in 2014 and led to initiations with other nature medicines, including Amazonian, Andean and UK indigenous plants. She was invited to hold her first Cacao ceremony in Ecuador in 2018 where the medicine had been calling her strongly. It was humbling that this initiation into facilitating Cacao ceremonies took place upon the lands where Cacao grows at the request and trust of locals.

Jasvindar holds a deep respect for nature and indigenous wisdom as her reconnection with these accelerated her healing trajectory, calling her home to our symbiotic relationship with nature. She strongly feels that this reconnection is necessary for our personal, collective and environmental healing and growth. Her plant spirit ceremonies that incorporate sound have been likened to ayahuasca ceremonies in their feel and depth of healing. Her approach is grounded in spiritual human values and psycho-social knowledge gained from personal, academic and work experience, also by teachings received from Buddhist monks, modern mystic Thomas Hubel and shaman Maestros from Britain, North and South America.

Jasvindar is grateful to to have listened to her Divine heart to commit fully to a path of service and healing. 

She would love to help you to listen to yours! She has witnessed and experienced all shades of life's dance, and not much surprises her. So, you can expect to be held in positive regard whatever you bring.  

Qualifications: BA Hons Social Work,  Dip Crystal Therapy, Dip Reflexology, Cert Body Massage, Foundation Counselling, Gong Practitioner I & II, Usui Reiki II, Munay Ki Rites inc 13th Womb Rite,, Shamanic Plant Spirit Apprenticeship 

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An invitation for meditation


What is it to feel 'whole' and aligned?  Aligned with what exactly?


Leicester ~ Vilcabamba, Ecuador ~ London

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Sound Bath

“Thank you for a magical time yesterday. I felt so healed, calm and clear afterwards. I also had 10 hours sleep which is pretty amazing for me! I look forward to coming to another ceremony soon and will be recommending these sessions to any friends who I think are in the right place to be able to benefit from your wonderful work.”


"The root of happiness is altruism - the wish to be of service to others." Dalai Lama

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